CoronavHow COVID-19 stopped the Rat Race

Outside of the usual epidemic that is the Coronavirus that is plaguing our nation, we need to be very aware that need to practice the measures that the World Health Organization is giving us to flatten the curve of new cases.

Social Distancing.

Work at home.

Nonessential commutes.

These three things are not only flattening the curve and serving to the beneficial sanitization of society by attempting to slow the spread of coronavirus, but they are also changing society in ways that will have long lasting impact on how we interact with each other, both in the good/bad.

Social distancing — can you tell me a definitive timeline to where it be OK for me and my friends to use a Wii Switch without having to go through a 3 step process to sanitize the controllers? Really, think about it, how much longer after COVID-19 has been controlled and the vaccine is distributed, will social distancing still be in the back of people’s minds and used unconsciously. Social Distancing will have extreme effects on the brain when followed for an increased amount of time. Hugs, kisses, handshakes, and behaviors that encourage skin-to-skin contact will be frowned upon, and the amount of dopamine hormones regulated will be lowered. Dopamine is a chemical found in the human brain, more importantly — a neurotransmitter that is emitted when we touch one another. A deficit of human touch will increase cases of dopamine deficiency, although easily fixable by a warm hug, isn’t always restored in routine.

Dopemine deficiency has been linked to depression, and parkison’s disease. Some signs that may occur if you’re showing symptoms of low dopamine is working memory issues, shaking hands, or other tremors. Those with a low amount of dopamine will also show problems with motivation and concentration.

Work at home — is beneficial for many of us, it is hard to think of some cons that may come to this. The most pronounce concern that many may have, especially employers is the work-home balance, especially with work coming into the home. With work from home, many are going to have to adjust their schedules and the level of focus that they have at home in order to make deadlines and to continue working effectively. A hard task for some, but it would be beneficial for all for those that this would be able to workout. A lower commute does lower the amount of consumerism that polluts the air of modern commutes, especially during lunch breaks. Taking out the commutes of many people from home to work can save a much as 1–2 hours from work and dedicate to other hobbies, or even some extra sleep.

Work from home will also influence the next generation that is quickly digitizing their adolescence by using Zoom calls to participate in school classes. In staying at home and having a better routine of being able to see family and be at work, it does well to lower stress, but also helps to grow roots in the home for family values. This next generation may be a more home and family centric generation that we have seen in the recent years. As an opportunity to include parents on the new apps such as Tik Tok and getting them involved in the various dances that trend on the platform, it will be great to see where this next generation bounce back from this.

Nonessential commutes — now this is where we finally get to talk about the rat race that has stopped due to COVID-19. We did allude to this earlier by expressing how during this time, we do not have the temptations by passing by McDonald’s for a meal, or even Wendy’s for a 4 for $4. Not only does this increase the amount saved by not spending on convenient fast-food, but instead this decreased our disposable income, which will allow us to focus only on our essential needs and lower the amount that we are paying for our lifestyle. This allows us to finally exit our the rat-race in life and build habits that will better serve us as after COVID-19.



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